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"Standard" versus legacy iPhone screen size

gyroscopegyroscope I am here.Posts: 6,577Member, Sous Chef, PRO
Hi, I've taken some time out from my current project ( ) to do a bit more on one of the few iPhone games I started a while back. I won't spend too much more time on it otherwise I won't finish the iPad app before my self-imposed deadline... ;-)

I've made a game screen at the current iPhone5 size i.e 320 x 568, and left space at the top and the bottom free to take into account the so-called legacy iPhones with the shorter height, i.e less 44 pixels at the top and 44 from the bottom.

Then just for checking, I changed the size of the screen to the legacy size and was surprised to see that GSC had simply lopped all of the 88 pixels off of the top, rather than equal 44 pixels each from top and bottom.

Any help appreciated, thanks.


Edit: sorry to waste your time... not confused now.... I didn't have RI selected, which skewed results; plus, more importantly, I forgot there's the choice between Crop or Letterbox.... but I remember it now, I select crop and all's OK, it crops top and bottom, as I want.


So my only question now: is that just for visual purposes (the crop selected for legacy in Preview) and so do I need to select that option as well, somewhere, when publishing?

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