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Movable platform to balance Ball which eventually falls into hole.

troynalltroynall Posts: 15Member
Game to be played in Portrait mode only.

Background color should be white.
Platform color should be black.
Sides should be black in color.
Ball should be Green.
Hole should be Red,

I would like each side(left and right side) of a PLATFORM to be independently CONTROLLED.
This control is done via Left_Up and Left_Down Buttons AND Right_Up and Right_Down Buttons.
(more on button's below)

When using the above (Left and Right) buttons, then platform's angle can be increased
or decreased. Think of the platform as a kind of "seesaw" much like the one found at a playground or park.
The only exception is that the width of the platform should extend past the sides of the screen.

The platform should "stretch" from left side to the right side of the screen.
The platform's height(or thickness) is fixed(at the programmer's discretion)
The width(left side to right side) should be fixed or can "run off" screen.
Guess it all really depends on how you(the programmer) approach this particular problem.

These Left and Right buttons should be located on the bottom section of screen.
This bottom section will be called the "Button" area.
These button should only be 40px by 40px.
No special graphics is needed.

The BALL -
A ball should drop from the top center of the screen.
These ball should only be 40px by 40px.
The ball will collide with the platform.
The ball should not be able to touch "sides" of the screen.
The ball's speed drops to 0 when it collides with the sides(Left & Right) of the screen.
The ball will collide or falls into the "hole".
The ball will disappear(game over) upon collision with "hole".
No special graphics is needed for the "ball"

The HOLE -
There should be a "hole" at bottom center of screen.
The Hole is centered directly above the "Button" Area.

Please PM me in private about time estimate and rate.
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