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Looking for some professional services

stueynetstueynet TorontoPosts: 166Member
I have a great game that is 95% done. I could actually submit it to eh app store but I would like a good pair of eyes to spend some time and optimize it. There is a lot of actor spawning and movement so it can get a little laggy on some devices. I have tested it on iphone 4, iphone 5s and ipad 2. Additionally there are a few simple features I want to add in that I am having some trouble with. Please PM me if you are interested in the project. Obviously this will be paid work.

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  • stueynetstueynet TorontoPosts: 166Member
    Ok I have boiled this down a bit further. I have gone in a done a lot of optimization myself. The main thing I need now is for someone to optimize my enemy spawning. I believe the main issue in the game is use timers for a lot of the spawning. On fact I use timers within timers.

    So for example:

    To spawn the enemy rockets that fly across the screen, I am doing

    Every 4 seconds
    -- For 10 seconds
    ----Spawn missiles randomly

    So the effect is a sortie of missiles that lasts 10 seconds starting every 4 seconds. To complicate things, I have Spawn missiles randomly based on a function of the current score so that the missiles spawn more frequently as the game goes on. So I am basically looking for somebody to go through my code and switch out all of the timers for the more elegant methods described here:

    Additionally if there are other optimizations to be done lets get on that as well. One might be to tweak how my attributes are structured if necessary.

    I have a budget for this so please don't think I am looking for free work done. If money is al you love, then thats what you shall receive.

    My Latest GS Game - Tiny Spirit
    My First GS Game - Dashing Ralph

  • Thunder_ChildThunder_Child Posts: 2,343Member
    So after about 12 seconds they are spawning missle consistantly. Does it end? Are you wanting missles to soawn in waves?
  • SocksSocks London, UK.Posts: 12,822Member
    "Looking for some professional services"

    It's rare to hear such an excellent euphemism. :)
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