Gamesalad network ads makes my app crash

filheforfilhefor Member Posts: 3

Hi. I have made an app that is published on the app store and I have another app on my iphone with ad hoc made with gamesalad. Neither app has never crashed before but now all of a sudden both apps crashes everytime I play.
I thought maybe it has to do with some error with gamesalad and I noticed that there is some problem with loading the apps in the gamesalad network ads, and when they are finished loading with an error (all apps have the same blue "couldn't load"-icon) the app crashes. I am pretty sure the GS network ad problem is causing my apps to crash.

Anyone else got the same problem? Is the gamesalad team aware of the GS network ads problem?

In the first image you can se the apps loading in the GS network ad, and in the second image they have finished loading with the blue icon.


  • tenrdrmertenrdrmer Member, Sous Chef, Senior Sous-Chef Posts: 9,934
  • filheforfilhefor Member Posts: 3
  • myrainyworldmyrainyworld Member Posts: 23

    I have the same problem as well.

    It took me all day and still can't be sure what went wrong. (until I see your post)
    I reinstall GS, provisioning profile, clear keychain. etc.
    I even try uploading the template game from GS to see the result.
    Still the app after opened for a minute drain all the memory and crash.

    This happens only in ad-hoc. (ads show) which should be the same as in App Store.
    It goes well in GS Viewer and in GS Preview. (no ads show)

    At least Pro User can prevent this by not show GS network ad.
    For now, I turn my phone to Airplane Mode and my GS app runs just fine.

    Thank you filhefor for pointing this out.
    Hope GS Team can solve this bug soon.

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    Hey guys,

    not a newbie with Gamesalad, but more of a forum stalker than an active participant.

    I've got the same problem with my new app. It's been driving me nuts for the last couple of days and has had me going through the whole app, tweaking code, removing redundancies, etc. Probably all good things to have done, but all in vain.

    I'm running the app on an iPhone 5 and an iPad. I've tried it both as a universal and device specific app with the same results. I searched for the problem and found this thread, which describes my problem pretty exactly.

    Opening the app and letting the ads hang around lets it live indefinitely. Closing the ads and staying on the menu screen grants a lifetime of around a minute. Playing the game shortens lifespan to approx 40 seconds. I also tried running it in airplane mode, but it won't even get past the loading screen. Running through GS viewer is no problem at all.

    I've run the app through x-code instruments, and the error messages I get look like this (one each crash):

    An Objective-C message was sent to a deallocated 'UIImage' object (zombie) at address: 0x16fcc3c0.

    An Objective-C message was sent to a deallocated 'UIImage' object (zombie) at address: 0x17f34e50.

    An Objective-C message was sent to a deallocated 'UIImage' object (zombie) at address: 0x1671f330. 

    When looking for memory leaks, there tend to be a few minor ones before the app shuts down.

    Weirdest thing, though, is that previous builds of the app worked just fine, and still do when I install them instead. This makes little sense though, since nothing related to the ads have changed.

    If I've understood this right, for the time being I'll have to either wait for the GS team to fix this bug, or go pro to be rid of the apps?

  • 3D Artist/Generalist Quebec, CanadaMember, PRO Posts: 48

    Hi all,

    Crashes for me as well!!!

    First of all I need to say that I'm not yet a GS developper but I was considering using the engine for my future games.

    This said, I have lately buy/download a bunch of top and older games done with the Engine to evaluate them on my iphone 5/iphone 4 and iPad2.

    Sadly I need to say that I've been experiencing alot of Game Crashes on all of my devices.
    Even if I reboot them and/or turn off the network the crashes still occurs.

    So far I'm a bit concerned about those instabilities and I must say that having paid .99$ and 1.99$ for some games that I can't play make me reconsider my choice upon choising GS as my future developing tool.


    Sadly, probably not a future GS user

  • Mash_MobilityMash_Mobility Member Posts: 33
    edited March 2014

    The crashing I am experiencing I believe I have linked to the ads as well. Except when I turn off data on my phone the app crashes even more.

  • JungrilaJungrila Member, PRO Posts: 46

    Hi all,

    I have the same problem too.

    And, I have sent some reports to GS support.

    I also think that GS network has any problems with this issue.

    I hope that GS team fix this issue as soon as possible.

    In the meantime, I want some explanation from GS team.

  • Mash_MobilityMash_Mobility Member Posts: 33

    I actually retract my previous statement, before it would crash with mobile data turned off, now I just put it in airplane mode on 3 different devices and none of them have crashed, so I would say its definitely a problem with the ads.

  • filheforfilhefor Member Posts: 3

    The GS network ads are now working as it should again for me, and as I thought my apps are no longer crashing. So there is no doubt that the GS network ads were causing the problem. Sadly I got two negative reviews for my app because of this :(

  • BlackCloakGSBlackCloakGS Key Master, Head Chef, Member, PRO Posts: 2,250

    The crash should be fixed as of Friday please let us know if you are still having this issue

  • Mash_MobilityMash_Mobility Member Posts: 33

    any update on this?

  • ebookmaniaebookmania Member, PRO Posts: 38

    This crash occurs when you have internet offline...
    I tested my game online, everything fine!
    Than I tested offline... crashes every time

  • gegyfgegyf Member Posts: 1

    Hey guys, I know this was a while back but I have just ran into the same problem after updating one of my games. Gamesalad put ads into the game with the update and with this came the constant crashing. Any way around this ? cheers

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