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okay i know ive put 2 posts up like this but i dont think ive explained myself properly. The way i need my game to work is, i have 10 actors and i want them to walk from one side to the other and as long as at least one reaches the end the game will continue... so if you start with 10 and at least are left by the end you will still get to the next level. please help ive destroyed my brain trying to get this. thanks guys.


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    Have an actor in your 'end' area called 'home'.

    In GameSalad, under the green 'play' arrow, are some tabs.

    Choose the 'actors' tab.

    Here you'll see all your actors. On the left is a window which should just have 'all' in it.

    At the bottom of this window are + and - buttons. Press '+' and you'll create a new TAG.

    Call this tag whatever you like. Let's say 'Friendly' for example.

    Then click on the 'all' tag again to see all your actors. Drag and drop the 10 actors that can win the game into the 'Friendly' tag.

    Any actors placed in here will be tagged as 'Friendly'.

    Now, in your 'home' actor that you'll have in your end area, have a rule that says:

    If Actor Receives Event Overlaps or collides with Actor with Tag 'Friendly'

    Go to Victory conditions.

    Hope that helps,

    QS =D

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