Converting From a .app to a .IPA

Hello All,

I've reached a point in my very first game development that I would like to start Alpha Testing and allow my friends/family to take a look at my game. However, Starting to look at becoming an apple dev, I learned about their hefty $99 fee and at the moment I don't think my game is worth the investment.

So i started looking around and noticed a site called TestFlight. This seemed like a good way to have my new app be able to reach those I wanted to see it, however I ran into another problem where the file type needs to be in .IPA instead of the gamesalad file.

i started searching and found this on the forums,

However for some reason this program is also not working well for me. So I have no idea how to convert my file to .ipa and upload it to TestFlight. =/

I am in no way trying to circumvent Apple's TOS, so if what I am trying to do is against anything then please someone let me know. I just want to be able to test my app on the actual Iphone without paying $100 for something I was originally making just for free and fun.

It was a major set back for me when i saw the $99 fee, I was extremely exited to finish my project and get it on the App store for my friends and family to see my first game, then I just kinda got slapped in the face with the realization that my hard work went to waist.

If anyone can help with this please do so.

Thank you,

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  • JiggleboxJigglebox Member Posts: 63

    I've tried this and each time i try to upload it it tells me that it can't find the info.plist and if i am sure it's a valid .ipa file.


  • JiggleboxJigglebox Member Posts: 63

    'Invalid IPA: could not find the info.plist. Are you sure this is a valid IPA?'

    this is what it says

  • JiggleboxJigglebox Member Posts: 63

    oh! thank you! so i just download the game off the gs website to get the .app file?

  • JiggleboxJigglebox Member Posts: 63

    I am doing all of this properlly, however every time i try to upload the build it just comes back with the same answer that it can't find the info.plist.... however i looked inside the file and i can clearly see the info.plist when it's unzipped. =/

  • JiggleboxJigglebox Member Posts: 63

    it appears that I will be forced to have a provisioning profile, and i need to make an Ad Hoc... which requires me to pay the $99 to apple... sigh oh well, alot of work for nothing i guess. Thank you guys for all the help.

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