Eyes Smasher available for Android

tarsiustudiotarsiustudio Member Posts: 130

Hi all, I present my new Eyes Smasher game that can be downloaded from google play. I'm waiting for the review to apple store to also be available for iphone and ipad.

I leave the download link for google play


Its also available for tablets

Description of game

Eyes Smasher is a game where you must avoid all eyes chafar they do not disappear without esclafarlos or touch the bombs to prevent the game ends, elusive green poison potions do not detract puntos.Cada eye has a different score and you must chafarlos chafarlos once.
Care! Because giant eyes out, which is crappy touching several times without slip away the other eyes that follow down the screen, the speed of these will accelerate as time passes. Eyes Smasher has a high resolution graphics and good sound crappy when one eye that gives more realism to the game

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