Introducing GameSalad Master Class - NEW GAMESALAD BOOK!

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Greetings GameSalad Community!

After nearly a year of hard work and dedication, today I am proud to announce my latest effort towards making my vast knowledge of GameSalad available to the everyday GameSalad user. Introducing GameSalad Master Class, a complete guide to GameSalad and its usage for novice to advanced users. This book represents a massive effort by myself to assemble and clearly explain how to use GameSalad to its fullest, based on lessons I have learned from my professional and hobbyist career as a GameSalad developer. After examining other GameSalad books currently available on the market, I can honestly claim this as the most informative and complete source of GameSalad knowledge currently available!

Due to the community rules regarding advertising on the forum, I cannot post the store link here directly. If you would like to purchase the book, please PM me for the link and will send it to you as soon as possible.

This text aims to teach you not only how to use GameSalad, but how to use it well. Everywhere you turn there are tutorials and walkthroughs explaining how to build one game mechanic or another in GameSalad, but nowhere is there definitive and proven knowledge on how to work in GameSalad properly with maximum efficiency. This text fills that gap by thoroughly exploring and explaining a massive array of GameSalad topics useful to any serious GameSalad developer. To quote the book itself: "GameSalad is a deceivingly powerful and complex tool. It has been engineered to provide simplicity and ease of use in a RAD environment, and in many ways has succeeded in becoming an easy to use tool for a wide range of developers. Behind the scenes, however, GameSalad is more complex than you might think, and imposes a number of rules which can leave you scratching your head and wondering why your code isn't doing what you expect." Armed with the knowledge this book has to offer, previous obstacles will become but a memory as you fully discover just how powerful a tool GameSalad can be!

This first edition contains 130 sections, each brimming with practical knowledge and insight. At only $19.95, this text is an exceptional value. I plan to update the text periodically with new sections and information, as well as keep it up to date with the latest GameSalad public releases. Purchasing the GameSalad Master Class gives you free access to any subsequent updates to the text.

Thank you to everyone who has purchased my book so far, I hope you find it valuable and insightful. I am always interested to hear your thoughts and opinions, so please feel free to post here with any questions or comments you have regarding my book. I am more than happy to help!

Please refrain from discussing purchase details here directly, and instead PM me with any questions or inquiries.


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