[PAID] Need someone to create a template for me!

I have an idea of an app, but I need help to create the template for it. What I need someone to do is to create pretty much an excact copy of Icomania. It should have all the features that icomania has.
The letters, the word and the picture needs to be loaded from a table as I don't want alot of scenes.
It's also important that the app is universal for all devices and it needs to look pretty on all of them.

Can some of the experienced developers give me an idea of what you would charge me for the entire project?


  • ArmellineArmelline Member, PRO Posts: 4,934

    To employ a developer to make this game for you you'd be looking at $500-1500 as a very conservative estimate. It could easily end up costing a decent bit more.

    There are however already numerous templates out there that copy the core functionality. Perhaps grab one of those and see if you can flesh it out yourself.

  • ImNiklasImNiklas Member Posts: 103

    Yes, I might end up doing that. However, the only one I can find is the 4 pics 1 word template on GSHelper. Do you know of any other template that is close to the one I'm asking for?
    Also what is the best way to make an app universal? That is one of the downside to Gamesalad if you ask me; there's no really good way to make an app universal as there is in Xcode.

  • ChakkuChakku Member Posts: 1,513


    PM Sent.

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