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A Few Promoting Tips

firezombie444firezombie444 Posts: 49Member

Hey guys, here's a few free promoting tips for those of you that need help promoting your game and have a small budget.

  1. Start small. Tell family members and friends about your game and see if they can spread the word to their friends and family (don't force them to though.)
  2. Post on forums related to video games, tell them about your game, not spamming but like the "Announce Your Game" forum on GameSalad.
  3. Have the best graphics in your game as possible. This is more important than you think. People don't like games with just a blank background, they need awesome backgrounds, just a blue background isn't going to cut it. At least 15% of reviews
    on games mention the game's graphics. This will boost your reviews a lot and a 4.5 average on your reviews will attract a few downloads.
  4. Host competitions and events in your game, this one works only if you've already attracted a few hundred people to your game. People will try to win the events, so they'll play more, and they might spread the word to more people about this awesome competition.
  5. This isn't exactly "promoting" or free but it is helpful. If your game is not as complex as Minecraft or Gta 4, don't charge money up front for the game. You're better off getting pro and making I-Ads and in-app purchases. If a few people play your game a day (maybe 75-100) your talking at least $1 a day for I-Ads which isn't much but hey, it pays for your next year's pro subscription. And in-app purchases, if you offer a lot of awesomeness for a low price and you have 100 people a day in your store, that's probably at LEAST $25 dollars a day. One game probably won't generate enough to make a living but hey, you have 10 games, make $50 dollars a day with each, you can make a goooood living with that.

Hope I helped someone! If anyone has any more tips, feel free to add them to the list!


  • WbokoWboko Tennessee, USAPosts: 621Member, PRO

    Thank you @firezombie444!!!

    Great Information!

  • abdulla1abdulla1 Posts: 10Member, PRO


  • gamewizard99gamewizard99 Posts: 67Member, PRO

    Thanks for the tips, I was a bit unsure about the viability of iAds but have them incorporated in a new free app I've just submitted, hopefully it works out, even £1 a day would be great if it can be sustained.

  • firezombie444firezombie444 Posts: 49Member

    Thanks eveyone! Will make sure to post more tips in the future!

  • ant_ladant_lad Posts: 222Member

    Being new to building games, haven't looked into ad companies yet.
    Do any ad companies offer a form of credit? Something like running ads in your game and racking up credit in their system, which you can then use to run ads for your game in their system of ads?

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