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Looking for developer

Hi everyone,

I am considering creating a game in GS, in which I have already made all the graphics, concept and levels. My skills are mainly creative & artistic and I have some basic programming knowledge. As I’ve been having a lot of difficulties in running GS properly on Windows, I decided to look for a developer. However I am not willing to hire someone but rather offer a partnership on the potential profits. As I haven’t done this before in such a case and I don’t know if it’s an actual feasible and efficient collaboration, I am open to any comment/advice/suggestion/offer.

A few things about the game: It is a puzzle, 2d, top-view, cartoonish style, mobile game comprised of 100 single-screen separate levels. If my opinion counts, I consider it to have a relatively original concept and bit of an “indie” feeling. Here is a small sample of how the in-game graphics look so far. I can send you more details/samples upon request.

Thank you


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