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Seeking Gamesalad Programmer for Game App for Mobile

Reposting this job: Seeking Experienced Programmer to make a Gamesalad Game File to drop in graphics from a designer. Programming only job with only basic design skills required, open to negotiation.

Need game mechanics made quickly within 2-3 weeks, nothing complicated, something along the lines of endless runner, only minor custom work required would be title screen and some popup messages facts in game (there's an education aspect to the project).

Hourly Rate: $10 - $15 / hr
20 hrs per week for 2-3 weeks

Want to do this through Elance, please just make an account and apply to this job:

(if link doesn't work, search for the phrase: "Seeking Gamesalad Programmer for Game App for Mobile" ) in elance search


  • blar321blar321 Posts: 15Member

    Hello! I think I could help you with your project. Just confirming, the graphics are already made, correct?

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