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State of GameSalad on 9-4-2014

ForumNinjaForumNinja Posts: 544Key Master, Head Chef, Member, PRO GameSalad Employee

Hello yet again everyone! First I’d like to apologize for being a day late on this post (it looks like I’ve been caught with my pants down).

As I’m sure everyone is getting used to by now: I've gathered some more updates for you since last weeks’ State of GameSalad post. Enjoy!

  1. The terrible issue that happened to one of our members recently (essentially having their game copied and uploaded to the app store).We’re still working to resolve this issue as soon as possible! We have a fix being tested by our QA team in house currently (gotta make sure the fix doesn't break anything else) and are hoping to have the fix out to everyone in the near future. More info in this thread:

  2. Release 0.11.2. (The next of our planned releases for Mac Creator) More good progress being made here. Some ugly bugs that occurred when using the Viewer on iOS 8 devices have been killed and will be included in this update. One such issue that has been fixed is the text and graphics being misaligned.

  3. Release 11 for Windows users. (This is the Windows version of the last big release Mac Creator got.) The many bugs here are being slowly but surely worked on and after release 0.11.2 for Mac goes live this will become a higher priority!

  4. Release 0.12.0. (The first big release since 0.11.0. and planned to come out after release 0.11.2) Still a lot of issues being looked at and good progress being made! One such major issue being looked at is memory leaks caused by using the change scene behavior.

  5. New nightly build for Mac! There’s still some issues blocking release that need to be fixed before this will be available to you guys. One of the issues stopping this is the one mentioned above (memory leaks caused by using the change scene behavior). Feel free to follow the status here:

  6. New marketplace. Great progress still being made here. As for new news. a little birdy told me that the marketplace is having makeup put on! (the app is getting its physical appearance worked on some) I stand by my statement of “Should be great when it’s done!”.

  7. Cross platform creator. Get an exclusive first look by navigating to the link provided in the image below!

That’s all for this week. More info coming at you guys next week! :)


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