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Looking for Gamesalad Wiz to join Tumbling Heads

Hi all

Tumbling Heads is an Indie Development Company located in Boulder, Colorado.

We are working on two major titles at the moment, one of them a turn-based strategy game Galaxy Feud will launch in a matter of weeks. You can check out more about Galaxy Feud here and another which is a collection of Carnival games.

We are lucky to work with an amazing team of dedicated artists for graphics, video, CGI, 3D, music and more. We have one main coder and work with a large development team in Philippines as well for the more complex stuff.

We are looking for an addition to the team to help us realize a classic platform game. We have a basic version of the game setup in Gamesalad already as a test and Gamesalad seems like the perfect choice for this project. All assets and game plans will be provided and of course we want you to take an active part in decision making. This position can be paid (We are very much a self funded Indie team so expect around $1,000-2,000) or a profit share deal(25%). Could also be a combination of both. Hopefully we can find the right fit and someone who are interested to be part of Tumbling Heads on a long-term basis.

Here is a concept of the game Voodoo Bob which you would become part of

Voodoo Bob will feature:

  • Multiple worlds (first world free, others in-app purchase unlock) Jungles, Caves, Futuristic, Underwater, Ruins
  • Boss fights
  • Full length soundtrack

We would love to hear from you!

send me an email to martin @ with a little information about yourself and your experience

Let us know if you have any questions

Game on!


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