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Stable Release - iOS binary release 0.12.10a

BlackCloakGSBlackCloakGS Posts: 2,250Key Master, Head Chef, Member, PRO GameSalad Employee

iOS binary release 0.12.10a

This is a binary patch for the 0.12.10 stable release


  • Fixed an In-App Purchasing crash in iOS apps if Apple returned a nil value when requesting purchasing data.

Republish you game or regenerate your 0.12.10 game to use the new binaries.


  • PhilipCCPhilipCC Encounter Bay, South AustraliaPosts: 1,390Member

    Wow that was quick!

    Now... when I promised that Return ticket to Australia, uh, I was joking you know. B)

  • furthergamefurthergame Posts: 56Member

    where can i find iOS binary release 0.12.10a?
    Should i redownload stable release 0.12.10

  • LovejoyLovejoy Posts: 2,078Member

    @furthergame said:
    where can i find iOS binary release 0.12.10a?
    Should i redownload stable release 0.12.10

    No need to re-download, 12.10a is updated on Gamesalad's side.

    Fortuna Infortuna Forti Una

  • IcedBIcedB Posts: 384Member, PRO

    Great to hear, i'm going to submit my new app today. Don't worry its only been 3 months and one new credit card later...

    Also I'm finding that the Request Purchase Data function takes 2 attempts to contact the server on the first run of the app. After this any IAP server connections boot up the first time you press a button and call the function.

    Anyone else got this minor issue?

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  • PhilipCCPhilipCC Encounter Bay, South AustraliaPosts: 1,390Member

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  • jonmulcahyjonmulcahy Posts: 10,384Member, Sous Chef, PRO
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