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A Great Opportunity: The Mobile Growth Summit!

ForumNinjaForumNinja Posts: 544Key Master, Head Chef, Member, PRO GameSalad Employee
edited January 2015 in Conferences and Events

Ever wondered how major publishers make their apps successful? The Mobile Growth Summit is the first of it’s kind, bringing together the experts in user acquisition, monetization and growth from many of the top mobile app publishers!

This exclusive 2-Day event will be held at Parc 55 in San Francisco on Feb 5-6 and we have a special offer for all Gamesalad members!
You are invited to join 300+ Mobile industry Leaders to learn more about Mobile Monetization and Acquisition Strategies delivered by over 40 high-level speakers from companies such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, Microsoft, Walmart, Pandora, Zynga, EA, Tango, Shazam, PicsArt, Glu, Runtastic, Storm8, SEGA, GoLauncher, GSN, Wooga, Natural Motion, FunPlus, MoPub, Reliance Media...and many more!

Gamesalad members can get a gold pass, which includes access to all of the panels and presentations, a networking lunch and after-party for a special price of $95. That’s $400 cheaper than the standard gold pass price. Just register at the link below and use promo code: GAMESALAD. Offer expires Jan 16th.

While we appreciate that this may not be convenient for many Gamesalad members, we wanted to share the offer none the less as it really is an amazing opportunity to network and learn from some of the industry leaders.

If you’re interested, you can learn more about the event here as well as register with the above promo code:


  • metametmetamet Posts: 80Member, PRO

    Wow, definitely taking advantage of this. I'm local SF so this is convenient to me. Anyone from the Gamesalad team going to be there? I would love to lend feedback/network with some folks if that's happening. Cheers!

  • j75j75 Posts: 235Member, PRO

    Am I missing something or is there no time listed on the website?
    Also, does anyone have any further information on the event? I can't find much online about the conference. A huge secondary reason for going would be to do some networking, so I don't want to book flights and a room for something that nobody else shows up to.

  • BenWebleyBenWebley Posts: 2Member

    Hi All,

    Let me introduce myself. I'm Ben. I'm Vice President of Ad Monetization & Operations at Zynga. I'm also the Co-Founder of the Mobile Growth Fellowship - we are a publisher only, non-profit network and are responsible for putting on the Mobile Growth Summit.

    I see you have some questions so I thought I'd jump on an help answer them.

    First off, apologies the website doesn't have all of the information yet. It's being worked on as we speak. We are just locking down the panel topics and panelists. They are all related to Monetization, User Acquisition and Growth (retention, engagement, vitality etc.) and should be uploaded shortly.

    The event is two full days from 9am to 5pm (although it's possible it will go to 6pm).

    As for turnout. Looking at ticket sales and confirmed panelists, we expect about 300+ people there, mostly from large publishers. You will definitely see experts there from most of the big game publishers as I know many of them personally. We all meet up, swap ideas and share often, which is the whole point of the fellowship.

    I wanted to extend the invite to the Gamesalad community as I know how hard this space is, especially for those of you doing this professionally.

    Not only am I helping to pull the event together, but I will be presenting a study on over 3,500 freemium players which looks a little into the social psychology within the purchase experience. It takes a look at how people feel about paying, why they don't pay etc.

    I've been in mobile gaming for 8 years (originally at EA before I moved to Zynga) and met with a number of indie developers during that time which I always enjoy. If any of you decide to come to the event, then you won't miss me, please come and say hi. I'd love to hear more about your experience and will be happy to share anything I can that may be able to help you in creating, marketing or growing your games.

    Any other questions about the event, then please feel free to post on this thread!



  • clee2005clee2005 http://Donkeysoft.caPosts: 194Member

    @BenWebley said:

    Not only am I helping to pull the event together, but I will be presenting a study on over 3,500 freemium players which looks a little into the social psychology within the purchase experience. It takes a look at how people feel about paying, why they don't pay etc.

    Hey Ben,

    This study sounds awesome! Are you planning on making it available in any other way, perhaps after your presentation?


  • BenWebleyBenWebley Posts: 2Member

    Hi Chris,

    Let me look into that. There may be some legal implications around publishing it formally based on the T&Cs the participants agreed to prior to completing the surveys. If I can't formally publish it, I might be able to write a post in this forum for you guys with the main results, takeaways and recommendations.

    Of course, I wouldn't do that until after the event as I don't want to spoil it for those that can make the live show. :-)



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