Release Candidate 0.13.3 - FireTV and Gamepad Support

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Release Candidate 0.13.3


  • FireTV support added. You can now publish apps specifically for the FireTV.

  • Gamepad support added for Android, Kindle, FireTV, and Mac Desktop apps

    • Supports up to 8 Players via USB and Bluetooth with new Game Device attributes

    • Single Player and Multi Player support. Single Player allows every connected Gamepad to act as Player 1. Multi Player treats every gamepad as a unique player. This can be toggled through the "Player Type" Game attribute.

    • Gamepad Buttons Supported: D-Pad Up, D-Pad Down, D-Pad Left, D-Pad Right, Button X, Button Y, Button B, Button A, Start, Select, Left Shoulder 1, Left Shoulder 2, Right Shoulder 1, Right Shoulder 2, Left Stick Click, Right Stick Click, Analog Sticks, and Analog Triggers (NOTE: The gamepad button names are only a reference to the standard XBOX 360 gamepad layout. Some controllers will have these named differently but should work the same)

    • Keyboard Mapping support with new Keymap Game attributes. You can use these to easily add gamepad support to existing projects that use keyboard controls. Just type in the key for the player and button you want to map. These new attributes can be changed like any other text attribute. (NOTE: We only support one button per keyboard key.)

    • Officially supported Gamepads:

      • Fire TV/Kindle/Android: Fire TV Remote, Fire TV Gamepad, XBOX 360 Wireless and Wired gamepads, PS4 Dualshock 4, Steelseries Free, OUYA Gamepad, Logitech F310 (X Mode), Game Elements Recoil, and any gamepad made for Android.

      • Mac Desktop/Creator Preview: XBOX 360 Wireless and Wired gamepads, PS4 Dualshock 4, Steelseries Free, Steelseries 3GC (Red Mode recommended), Logitech F310 (X Mode), Logitech Dual Action, Game Elements Recoil


  • Decreased how often the garbage collector runs in Mac Creator. This should result in smoother performance while in Creator. Memory usage in the short term will be higher.

  • Fixed an issue that caused iAds to appear at the top even if set to show at the bottom (Bug 688)

  • Fixed an issue with iOS apps where it could hang on start-up. (Bug 732)

Known Issues:

  • It is possible that the gamepad you are using is not supported or acts strangely when used in a GameSalad app. Most Android bluetooth gamepads should work. As well as most gamepads that emulate an XBOX 360 controller. Your Mileage May Vary. Additional gamepads may be officially supported in the future.

  • Most gamepads do not support both the analog and digital press of the triggers (L2 and R2). What this means is some gamepads will use the Left Shoulder 2 button (digital) while others will only use the Left Trigger axis (analog). Some gamepads may even use both. Plan accordingly.

  • On the Fire TV, gamepads that have a BACK or SELECT button are usually mapped to the Fire TV back command.

  • Syncing a PS3 Dualshock 3/SIXAXIS controller via Bluetooth while Creator is open causes Creator to lock up until the gamepad is disconnected.

  • The OUYA Gamepad's analog capabilities do not work correctly in Creator. However, they do work on Android devices (including the FireTV)

  • Vendor and Product IDs report as -1 on Android, Kindle, and Fire TV.

  • Change Scene behaviors will fail to respond if preceded by a Change Scene behavior that uses the same gamepad button or analog direction to change the scene (i.e. Pressing A to change from Scene 1 to Scene 2 and then pressing A to change from Scene 2 to Scene 3).


This build is based off the current stable build 0.12.20 it does NOT have any of the nightly build 0.13.2 features or fixes. The nightly build is being reversion to 0.14.

We have partnered with Amazon to make joystick support and publishing on Fire TV available to all non-PRO members for a limited time. PRO members always have access to joystick support and Fire TV publishing.

Report Any Bugs
If you find bugs in the Release Candidate, let us know! We'll be watching the forums, support tickets and bug database for info on this. Once we're all happy with the state of the build then we'll make it stable.

Take a moment to review the "known issues" section of the release notes before reporting any bugs. No need to duplicate reports on what we already know, right?

Thanks for your help!

Go Get It!

See the release notes here:

Download the release candidate here:

Scroll down until you see "Release Candidates



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