F#*%$ing itunes :( - extra ios device, how to test on it?

ryastryast Member Posts: 145

Sometimes I swear, I just hate Apple.

On my Android and my friends Android devices to transfer music or my test apps/games it's as simple as a drag and drop, I can't even use the one iOS device I own on two computers without iTunes asking me if I want to completely wipe the device to use it on the new computer :(

While I gripe, bitch and moan about not being able to use my one device on two computers, I can survive using it on just one but now I have a problem:
a friend has loaned me her old iPhone so I can test my new game on it BUT I am sure she's not going to be too happy if I completely delete all her stuff just so I can test my one app on her phone.

I remember reading on one of the threads about testing on multiple iOS devices using something called "test " (can't remember what the "something" was) , any links (esp to a youtube vid) advice or suggestions welcome.

Thanks in advance!


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