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Cover Flow

Hey I am looking for someone to make a cover flow(similar to tshirtbooth's) except to make it for an iPhone 6 and I am willing to pay someone to do it for me since I am having trouble with resizing tshirtbooth's. Contact me if you are interested.


  • nickname5862nickname5862 Posts: 51Member

    I can't find the template anywhere, and dunno if I can make it without it...

    So I am probably useless...

    And even if I do, I don't necessarily want your money. You know why not?
    Because then you expect me to succeed, you know.
    I wanna give it a try, but don't, please don't expect me to finish it for you.
    Cause I probably won't (and due to school issues, I don't have much time).

    But, I am still learning (and intermediate) so I am willing to give it a try (also for my own sake)...

    ...if you are not looking for any Pro Users of course...

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