State of GameSalad on 3-27-2015

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Hello again all you GameSalad fans! I’ve gathered some info to share with you guys, enjoy!

  1. In case you missed it, there’s still one day left to take part in our Amazon FireTV promotion! Do you want to get some free months of PRO? Head here for more details!:

  2. Graphene SDK (previously known as “Cross platform Creator”). Nothing new to report on this front other than work is being done here. For more info or to sign up for beta access, refer to this thread:

  3. Release 0.13.0 for Windows version of GameSalad Creator! We hope to put out a nightly build for Windows 0.13.0 on Monday! I’ve heard that this will be very similar to the 0.13.0 release we put out for the Mac version of Creator! One thing that is still being worked on is usb Android viewer support.

  4. Release 0.14.0 for the Windows version of GameSalad Creator. This is one of our higher priorities that we’re working towards. This release is planned to be the one that gets Windows version of Creator fully synched up with the Mac version feature wise! This includes all the features we have planned for our 0.14.0 release for Mac as well (see some below)!

  5. Nightly build for the Windows version of Creator. We are still working towards fixing the known issues in the Windows nightly build (and there should be a new nightly Monday). For more info and to let us know of any issues you’re having with the Windows nightly build, check out the following thread: and get the build here:

  6. Release 0.14.0 for the Mac version of Creator. Work is being done on this front to bring a lot of long desired features, and we plan on releasing a nightly build as soon as the ARC bugs are worked out! A few features this release will have are AdMob integration, the new rendering engine, and full PlaysTogether support. We’re still working on converting Creator over to use ARC to reduce some of the performance issues you guys have been having (you can follow the list of ARC bugs holding up this release here: Check out this thread for more info on release 0.14.0:

  7. New marketplace. Nothing new to report here. Work is still being done on this front and I'll let you guys know when I hear more!

  8. April’s Monthly Meetup! The subject of our April monthly meetup will be announced early next week! Also, if anyone is interested in doing a presentation for any future monthly meetups or has any topic ideas, shoot me or @BlackCloakGS a PM!

That’s all I have for you guys. More coming your way next week!


  • scottharrrules43scottharrrules43 Tulsa, OklahomaMember, PRO Posts: 694

    I already made the idea for a preview .14 and how to use admob and other feature for meet up. Just want share my idea in this thread

  • robertkdalerobertkdale USAMember Posts: 912
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    Thanks GS TEAM for all of the hard work! ;)

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  • NimbleBugNimbleBug Member Posts: 483

    Hopes we will get .14 before april with out all bugs

  • omiwebdesignomiwebdesign Member, PRO Posts: 69

    Hope to see 0.14 somewhere before the end of April, so I can create the final build of my game with version 0.14.
    Version 0.13.7 has a very enjoying crash bug on Android that can't be fixed :( Have to wait for the update before I can release my game. Best of luck guys and I appreciate the hard work.

  • FrantoFranto Member Posts: 779

    I am 90% sure the android crash is related to the graphic attribute "tiled" in an actor. Even having just 1 actor with no graphic on the map with a "tiled" as a graphic attribute causes the screen to stretch, and many of them causes a crash. I managed to fix the problem by using only "stretch" actors. This is all my theory though, somebody might have found the tile bug and already submitted it on the list, I just haven't until I'm absolutely sure as I'd hate to submit a misidentified bug.

  • MentalDonkeyGamesMentalDonkeyGames Member Posts: 1,276

    @Franto I have no actors with graphics set to "tiled", and I still have android builds crashing.

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  • ApprowApprow Member Posts: 703

    @omiwebdesign If the tiled attribute is causing the crash, then use replicate instead. This might work out for you.

  • FrantoFranto Member Posts: 779

    @Approw I should try out replicate.

    Since I got here a year and a half ago, the engine definitely made leaps and bounds from what I've seen, and its still one of the best engines out there. The GS team did a fantastic job in my opinion.

  • supafly129supafly129 Member Posts: 454

    @BlackCloakGS @ForumNinja Forgive me if this was already addressed long ago but when will the minimum iOS7 and iOS8 options be available again?

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