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Looking for freelance work with good hourly rates

crazycam99crazycam99 Paris, FrancePosts: 519Member

My name is Cameron, I've been doing freelance jobs since about 2 years now and I have 4 years of experience using GameSalad!
I can make all types of games and will give you a quote on the approximate price it will cost you.
I work at an hourly rate of 22USD to 28USD depending on the difficulty of the project.
I guarantee you will be satisfied with the result as I will provide you with support if you need help editing the project I have made. I will also make you personal video tutorials to guide you through the process of creating levels or editing the game's functionality. To make you feel close to your project and for you to be able to ask for modifications quickly, I will share the progress I make on the game daily under the form of short videos.
If you are interested in working with me, feel free to contact me at: [email protected]

Best regards,


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