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State of GameSalad on 4-10-2015

ForumNinjaForumNinja Posts: 544Key Master, Head Chef, Member, PRO GameSalad Employee

Hello again all you GameSalad fans! Once again I’ve gathered some info on what we’ve been working / focused on to share with you guys, enjoy!

  1. Graphene SDK (previously known as “Cross platform Creator”). A lot of screenshots and some info was shared in the comments section of the previous SoGS post (check it out here if you haven’t yet:! Some of the shared info includes a link to our Trello board for Graphene (, the announcement that custom fonts are in Graphene already, and a statement that we will be opening up Graphene to more people before you know it! For other previously shared info or to sign up for beta access, refer to this thread:

  2. Release Candidate 0.13.2 for Windows version of GameSalad Creator! We put out a RC build for Windows recently (0.13.2) that includes a bug fix and a new feature to make the Windows version more like the Mac one! We’re still working towards fixing the known issues before pushing out a stable build. For the full list of features, known issues, and to report any issues you have using the 0.13.2 RC build head to this thread: To download the release, head here: Note: It is highly recommended that you uninstall any old versions of the Windows Creator Nightly before installing the new one.

  3. Release candidate 0.13.8 for Mac version of GameSalad Creator! We plan to push out a release candidate (0.13.8) of Creator as soon as the ARC bugs have been fixed. You can check out the list of ARC bugs still holding this up here: Some good news? We now have some extra manpower being channeled into resolving these bugs as soon as possible!

  4. Release 0.14.0 for the Windows version of GameSalad Creator. This will become more of a focus once we get the Mac version moved over to using ARC.This release is planned to be the one that gets Windows version of Creator fully synched up with the Mac version feature wise! This includes all the features we have planned for our 0.14.0 release for Mac as well (see some below)!

  5. Release 0.14.0 for the Mac version of Creator. We plan on pushing out a new nightly build for you guys once we finish up fixing the ARC bugs! As of recent we have another Progress is being made on the ARC bugs that are holding up this release. A few features this release will have are AdMob integration, the new rendering engine, and full PlaysTogether support. We’re still working on converting Creator over to use ARC to reduce some of the performance issues you guys have been having (you can follow the list of ARC bugs holding up this release here: Check out this thread for more info on release 0.14.0:

  6. New marketplace. Nothing new to report here. Work is still being done on this front and I'll let you guys know when I hear more!

  7. April’s Monthly Meetup! Topic: Alan Uthoff (a.k.a. @BlackCloakGS) will be giving a talk:
    “Game Engines Not Another Browser”. I will be downloading our recording of the meetup today and will likely have it posted to YouTube / the forums this weekend or Monday for everyone who missed it!

That’s all I have for you guys. More info will be coming your way next week!



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