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Can't sign my App update anymore Android Keystore


Problem description:
1. I had a total crash on my macbook.
2. I reinstalled the Android SDK and had a back up of my keystore on dropbox.
3. I'm signing the project via the game salad website and the loading bar appears correctly.
4. The upper two path ways are correct the lowest third one is not.
5. I get the path manually /Users/user/sdk/build-tools/23.0.1/zipalign
6. It gets a checkbox too now and looks fine.
7. The Keystore is loaded but the password does not get accepted.

Now I am actually unsure if I forgot the password which I see as unlikely since I used it over 100 times this year.
Or if the Keystore maybe is broken by being on dropbox since I remember to have had such an issue.
Or if the SDK or JDK maybe not fully recognized.

Any thoughts?



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