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[GS > Server Hub > Google IAP] Create ext. integration of Google Play Game Services into GS Projects

TheFluxTheFlux Posts: 22Member


as there won't be a Google Play Game Services integration to connect / implement Leaderboards and Achievements very soon, I ask for a savvy programmer who might be able to code a work-around solution.

From my programming knowledge should there be a definitive way to use an external server as "Hub" that then connects to the Google IAP and should allow this missing function in the current GS to ultimately work before someday the native GS supports this mandatory function.

---- Basic Feature: Option to route unlimited GS Games over one "server wise hub account", not just a single-game-integration, as I would use it for at least 10 GS Projects (++ Google should also show the "Game Services Icon" in the listing) ----

I am looking for someone who can do this. As there might be more interested GS users I would like to offer a "cost-share option" so that anyone who needs this function may join the client-side and share costs of the development. (I will open an extra thread in the more widely searched forums parts, that may lead others to join too.)

As to this, if there is any savvy coder here in the forums, please let's talk about my idea, possibilities and development options.




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