GameSalad Pinball Jam!

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Hello everyone, we're throwing an end of the year Game Jam to end 2015 with a bang!

With the introduction of custom collision shapes to GameSalad, many new types of games can now be created. One very notable genre that has been missing for a long time, as you might have guessed, is pinball. In honor of this Game Jam, we've released a new Pinball Crouton (art pack) that you can grab here:

The rules are simple:

  • Your entry must incorporate some form of pinball game mechanic
  • Your entry must be created from scratch for this Game Jam
  • Your entry must be submitted before the Game Jam ends (After the release of 1.25 / TBD)

How do I enter the Game Jam?

Entering the Game Jam is easy! Simply:

  1. Publish your project to the GameSalad Arcade with visibility set to public
  2. Once your project is published, click the "Pinball Jam 2015" bubble at the bottom of the page:

What could I win?!

When the Game Jam is over, we'll narrow down the entries to what we believe are the best finalists, and then we'll open a poll on the forums here for the community to vote for the winners. The prizes are as follows:

  1. First place will receive a $100 Amazon gift card
  2. Second place will receive a $50 Amazon gift card
  3. Third place will receive a $25 Amazon gift card

If you have any questions, feel free to comment below. Happy holidays and best of luck!



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