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FIXED: GameSalad is borderline unusable on the newest El Capitan Version (10.11.5)



  • abuabed84abuabed84 Posts: 510Member, PRO

    Dear GS,
    I hope you realize the delay in fixing this bug could utterly destroy your reputation.
    After trying your software I imagined I would be using it for years and years to come including big projects.
    But seeing the way you've handled the problem of the software being unusable for over a month, i doubt I will ever put a big investment on this level of incompetence.
    I love the layout of the software and it's really disappointing to see crashes, slowdowns and instability so frequent.

  • DanyowellDanyowell Posts: 1Member

    I agree. After using GameSalad for the last 4 years, I finally made the jump to Pro a few weeks ago. As it happens, I updated my version of OSX that same day and have been unable to use the software ever since. Disappointing doesn't even begin to describe it.

    I understand you're a small outfit and it takes time to fix issues, but I hope you understand the uneasiness we're all feeling. Going Pro was an investment of both trust and money, and right now I'm not sure either were wise. Please prove me wrong, GS :(

  • davebc15davebc15 Posts: 3Member, PRO

    I believe that the GS team has been very honest and forthcoming about the problem. I recently signed up for Pro to test it out for use in my classes. I was able to get partway through a tutorial to build a basic game before it became unusable. I switched to the Windows version, and was having difficulty switching the project to the new version, but the GS team (thanks, @ForumNinja !) was very helpful in solving my problem.

    I believe that, given the frequency with which Apple rolls out OS updates, keeping GS working perfectly would be very difficult to do. However, their coding team has been very involved with rolling out a patch/new version to deal with the usability issues, and have been keeping the community informed as to their progress.

    If half of the development teams out there were this involved in their users' communities, then I would be using another platform.

    Keep it up, guys! I'll be a long-term user, and will be introducing my students to GameSalad this coming school year.


  • abuabed84abuabed84 Posts: 510Member, PRO

    Keep it up, guys! I'll be a long-term user, and will be introducing my students to GameSalad this coming school year.


    I see GS as more than an educational software for elementary programming. I actually believe in GS's potential as one of the leaders in the industry, that's why I'm disappointed with the stability issues.
    The layout is impeccable, and I think if GS manages to feature multiplayer in a straight forward way it would be the preferred choice for developers.

  • davebc15davebc15 Posts: 3Member, PRO

    I agree with you. However, most of my students have little to no experience with programming or making apps. That's why GS is such a wonderful tool for education - it allows kids the experience of creating something on their own, and, in some cases, promotes them moving on in Computer Science or coding.

    That, to me, is why I am using GameSalad this year with my kids - I can introduce them to game design and open up their minds to other possibilities for their future. GameSalad allows everyone to create games, from the beginners, like most of my students, to the most advanced developers.

  • vikingviking Posts: 322Member, PRO

    My first impression is that this build is much better than the previous one, so that is good news. Still a few things to iron out and not up and running as perfectly as previous builds, but a big step in the right direction. Fingers crossed...

  • phamtasticphamtastic Posts: 354Member, PRO

    I no longer get the slowdown with the 1.25.59 version
    I did experience one unexpected crash where Gamesalad automatically shutdown after 2 hours.

  • UncloudedStudioUncloudedStudio NetherlandsPosts: 285Member


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