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Droid must deliver

ErnstKErnstK Posts: 24Member, PRO
edited August 2016 in Announce Your Game!

Hi guys and gals

After a few month of work in my spare time my latest game "Droid must deliver" is finally released - free on the App Store for the iPhone and iPad

What the Capital hides in all those “Top Secret” packages, being tucked away in the tundra of the deep north, Droid and the rest of us probably will never know.

Meet Droid, a 2nd generation delivery android.
Droid is just one of an army of thousands of delivery androids working for the Capital.
Earn your freedom by proving yourself as the smartest android in the pack.

  • 34 levels, from the simple to the challenging to the cryptic and totally mind-boggling, will prove if Droid has what it takes.

  • Make your Droid the number one package delivery android on the leaderboards.

Give it a go:)



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