State of GameSalad on 10-4-2016

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Here's a little update about what we're working on:

Next Update (1.25.x): I still don’t have a precise date on this release, but I believe we’re on the last round of bug fixes. fingers crossed.

That being said, Tan has started looking into implementing Google Play services for you guys as we know that’s something you all want. The nice thing here is that the current behaviors we have inside GameSalad look like they’ll play nice with Google.

Tan also tried creating a build with the new Chartboost sdk in it, though our build servers have not been cooperating.

Game of the Week: I’ll be keeping an eye out for games that you guys are releasing, and once a week I’ll do a social media blast promoting a game as our game of the week. This week was 20 Seconds by @unbeatenpixel!

We are thinking of rewards to hand out for being named game of the week. If you guys have some suggestions drop them here! One idea was to give out a huge asset pack with 541 total files (107 different animations, 208 audio files, and 226 individual images that don’t animate).

Being awarded game of the week doesn't prevent you from getting game of the month etc :)

Teacher Dashboard: The new teacher dashboard has spent some time with a select group of teachers, and will be getting pushed live soon. For instructions on how to use the new dashboard, refer to here:

GameSalad Curriculum: The new curriculum we've been building is coming along nicely, with only a few more units to go. It's received a ton of positive feedback from educators as well which is awesome!

Side note: today is CodeWizard's birthday.



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