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State of GameSalad on 10-4-2016



  • Well, I see a major bug I noticed recently, all GS games are crashing on Andriod 6, I am really worried about this now as this gives a direct bad image about our application, hope they fix it soon..

  • DigiChainDigiChain Posts: 1,216Member, PRO

    @Nabbo (ReflectiveByte) - I'm running Android 6 on a Nexus7 and all GS games run as expected.

  • Nabbo (ReflectiveByte)Nabbo (ReflectiveByte) Posts: 278Member
    edited October 2016

    @DigiChain Well I have Andriod 6.0 on Sony XA Ultra and every GS game crashes :(, even my other friend told me so.

  • DigiChainDigiChain Posts: 1,216Member, PRO

    @Nabbo (ReflectiveByte) - Yeah sounds like there's an issue but must be device specific too.

  • IceboxIcebox Posts: 1,483Member

    Android needs love , stuttering in some games , crashes and performance is not as good as ios. I hope they fix these issues by the next update. :)

  • freneticzfreneticz SwedenPosts: 712Member, PRO
    edited October 2016

    @Icebox said:
    Android needs love , stuttering in some games , crashes and performance is not as good as ios. I hope they fix these issues by the next update. :)

    I really hope so to, and i want a new "State of GameSalad" now @ForumNinja

  • blobblob Posts: 217Member, PRO
    edited October 2016

    1 Brent Dusing, the alleged CEO of GameSalad is not listing Gamesalad in his past or CURRENT experience on Linkedin.
    He, once, introduced himself here then vanished.

    @ForumNinja, who is the CEO now?

    2 The new direction has been education centric since late last year, ever since the education theme website was introduced. Yet, the Back to schools opportunity window was almost 2 months ago and GS didn't release any update for that purpose.
    3 Education and learning could use a good manual.
    Yet the cookbook is totally out dated.
    4 The forum is getting slower and slower
    5 Veterans and pillars of our community stopped making videos, how to etc.
    6 Template makers are leaving.
    7 Loading time has never been fix and seems more and more out of place considering
    devices are getting faster.
    8 Still waiting for the loading wheel customization, Google Play integration etc
    8 Android 6 is crashing for at least 50% of projects
    9 The viewer is completely broken
    10 We are slowly going towards a "one update a year" schedule
    11 Orientation issues, which have been there for a long time and really makes the presentation of our games suffer a great deal, can not be fix because, as forum ninja said "they don't have the resource for it.
    12 GS team is shrinking, not expanding. coders who were working on promises like Graphene and new powerful features have been laid off, burying these projects along the way.

    While no single game engine is perfect, the sums of all the issues above present a very real problem for long term serious development of games with GameSalad.

    Real Positivity is thinking of ways to fix an issue, not being insensitive or oblivious to problems.

    I love thinking of problems, because i love fixing them.

    Some like to be blindly positive, for various reasons:

    1 Because the issue at hand does not really matter to them.

    2 because they confuse criticism with negativity

    3 In order to be popular and well liked, portraying a pseudo pleasant personality,
    that's and ego issue.

    All this does is slow down the train of change by reinforcing a false reality to the train conductor.

    But i disgress...... (Not accusing anyone here of these by the way)

    Yet, some of you use the fact that Gamesalad creator is more powerful than last year as an argument.

    @viking said:
    I don't know... Seems to me that The Creator is faster and more stable than ever. It has >a bunch of new features

    @Icebox said:
    New features will come , we just need to wait , i know it takes too long but im sure once its out it will be worth it. As mentioned earlier creator is really stable now and fast. So they didn't leave us with a buggy creator. Lets hope we get the update soon.

    It's similar to Apple Marketing team proclaiming, at every new iPhone release event:

    "This is the best iPhone ever!"

    Yes, thank you Apple, thank god it's not less powerful and using better technology than last year model.

    @unbeatenpixel said:
    With current version, you can still make magnificent games if you want.

    Magnificent games crippled only by the GS engine special features:

    Loading time, orientation issues, crashes and loading wheel.

    The reward is a 1 star rating.

    Like many of us, I love GameSalad, I see the magical potential, so I’m trying to be proactive before It’s too late, before GS shrinks to oblivion rendering all of our hard work and projects unreleasable.

    Please vote if you haven't @ the link below, it does not hurt to bring more awareness to a potential solution..

  • PhilipCCPhilipCC Encounter Bay, South AustraliaPosts: 1,390Member

    @blob said:

    All this does is slow down the train of change by reinforcing a false reality to the train conductor.

    Well, the conductor only checks the tickets to see who is on board. :grin:

    I'd like to know that someone is still driving the train... and also the destination and ETA?

  • blobblob Posts: 217Member, PRO

    @PhilipCC said:

    @blob said:

    All this does is slow down the train of change by reinforcing a false reality to the train conductor.

    Well, the conductor only checks the tickets to see who is on board. :grin:

    I'd like to know that someone is still driving the train... and also the destination and ETA?

    Absolutely, as passengers, we'd like to know where we are going! Because it seems like a broken bridge is ahead in the fog.

  • blobblob Posts: 217Member, PRO
    edited October 2016

    @Hopscotch said:

    My take is that the company has decided that GS is in a "good enough" state for the market they are going after. A market they are hoping will stabilize the company. All staff are focused on pursuing this goal. They have even written out 2 new marketing positions in this month.

    I don't think deflating the user base for another is the right way to go about it.
    Adding an educational users base to the existing one seems more growth oriented.

    Your call to open-source GS though, fills me with dread. If this even remotely becomes >a consideration ...
    ... we as a paying community will have given GS carte blanche to drop all responsibility >in fixing, updating or expanding the tool ...

    Fixing, updating or expanding the tool is not happening, or at least not happening fast enough.
    So It already seems to be a case of, "dropped responsibility", hence a call for open sourcing.
    I along with many of us, would not even think about open sourcing if everything was rolling.

    As you said " GS want's us whiners off their back" if they re not fixing these bugs

    Well, the bugs you just mentioned are not being fixed and have been around for a very long time as you well know...

    So we already are in this situation.

    Additionally, good open source does not mean GS has carte blanche to drop it all, it means help from outside developers on the top of GS developers team.

    It's not open source that fills you with dread", it's the idea of bad open source...

    Any bad implementation of any idea fills me with dreads.

    ... what ever coding resources GS still has to spare, will drop necessary fixes to start a >feasibility study into this subject, which will take months ...

    The study of the subject is done by the CEO, investors and marketing not by the developers at GS

    Developers will then have to implement hooking points and clean up into their codes and that will take months
    Months as oppose to what? 1 update a year? with ever dwindling resources.?
    I''ll take that any day over nothing.

    ... the result of which will either be a

    • NO, GS and its overall infrastructure is to complicated, and we are back at square one, or
    • YES, "go for it". Then what? GS has been too messed up for dedicated team of full >time, employed developers to maintain!
      Do you really believe someone will take up the challenge in a constructive maintainable >way? I don't, not in the state GS is in.

    That's exactly why outside development can help.

    what "challenge" the challenge of open sourcing and getting help from the community?
    that challenge is smaller that GS tackling new features etc all alone

    managing a team of contributors is much harder and needs much more dedication, >otherwise it will quickly be an unmanageable mess.

    Yes that can be said about a "closed source" business too.
    None is harder or easier than the other. Just different set of challenges.

    GS is a great tool, worth rooting for, so I hope they find a foothold in the education >market and stabilize. But fix our crippling bugs now.

    Yes , however, it's been a while since they introduced the education angle, yet there is no implementation of the said educational features in GS as of now.

    It seems as though, the education angle hasn't yielded any result in terms of revenue, growth, capacity and these bugs are not fixed....

    Users are giving up. We are past passive hope.
    Hence, the call for action.

  • Nabbo (ReflectiveByte)Nabbo (ReflectiveByte) Posts: 278Member
    edited October 2016

    Oh God, I hope they fix the issues coz I am now getting tried of the GS team progress n response, maybe will try out other engine

  • blobblob Posts: 217Member, PRO
    edited October 2016

    @ForumNinja said:
    I'm not sure why Brent doesn't have GameSalad listed on his LinkedIn page, though he >is still the current CEO. If I had to guess, I'd guess that he just doesn't update his social >media pages that often.

    Good to know, Honestly we were starting to think.......

    While all this new educational stuff has been created, it's just not visible to non->education users (thus why it doesn't look like we've added anything new).

    This makes sense, one more reason to keep the non educational users well informed...

    The education focus has yielded results, and we've landed some more funding (hooray). >I need to write up another State of GameSalad post (will likely do that tomorrow).

    More Funding is amazing news.!!!!!!!!!!!! :D:D

    Even though, many of us are non educational users, I think it's fair to say we are nevertheless very interested and involved in the progress GS makes in this market.
    We know Non educational users are on the back burner and whether we like it or not, we understand the strategy GS has adopted.
    With that in mind, we need to be kept in the loop at the very least.
    Because non educational users' future with GS depends on the educational push success as well. We are all rooting for GameSalad.

    Please don't wait or hesitate to let us know such good news.
    Keep us in the loop.

  • freneticzfreneticz SwedenPosts: 712Member, PRO
  • blobblob Posts: 217Member, PRO
    edited October 2016

    @freneticz said:
    But its not good to educate the rotate and missalign bugs on Android is it? ;)

    GameSalad seems to be focusing on sells and results in terms of revenue at the moment...
    Not really software growth.

    Maybe, with the new funds, they can start doing both (marketing and serious software development) like any healthy company

    Maybe, the new funds will allow GS to acquire the resources to fix misalignment, loading, loading wheels, crashes, viewers, google play etc....or even open sourcing...

    However, I guess the new funds will probably go almost entirely into marketing for education...

    We will see.

  • IceboxIcebox Posts: 1,483Member

    @ForumNinja said:

    The physical features we want to implement are not currently in (i.e zoom / snap to grid) this is true.

    All this time , and these features are not in yet , I wonder how long it will take to fix bugs , or look into the bug reports. :)

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