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My upcoming Parcel Monkey Simulator game is in Beta-Alpha-etc! - Any iOS playtesters? :D

JapsterJapster Posts: 643Member, PRO

Hi guys! - Thought I'd share the progress on one of my closer-to-completion projects, as I'm currently looking for beta (alpha?) couriers ....errr, testers on iOS (Android to follow!) - think of it as Paperboy (remember that?) only from a Parcel's-eye view! - Needs some GFX tidying up a bit, but generally getting there! Some pics and videos below!:-

Here's a couple of short gameplay videos from my upcoming Parcel Monkey Simulator (Working title)!

First up, a bit of goodies selection followed by some poor unfortunate's eagerly-awaited package being hoofed/launched from the back o' the van and left to the mercy of fate (and a few handy power-ups!).... :wink:

Secondly, another li'l gameplay video, featuring some of the stars of the show (cats, birds, gnomes, moles, etc), power-ups, and a bit of parcel-inflicted wanton property vandalism!

So, if you'd like to let me know what you think, possibly have a play, give me any suggestions, etc, beat my score, etc, etc, just PM me (to avoid spambots etc getting your email address!), and I'll do the rest!

Cheers all!



  • ToqueToque Posts: 1,166Member

    Wow. That is so much better. You really polished it up.

  • JapsterJapster Posts: 643Member, PRO
    edited September 2017

    @Toque said:
    Wow. That is so much better. You really polished it up.

    Thanks Toque! - with a lot of your input mate, I have to add! :smiley:

    PS Added some funky placeholder music to give the game a bit more 'life' - Not the most interesting go, but it does show you can, if you're lucky and skilful, rack up insane amounts of spins (they're worth more points per spin, for every spin built up, the more you can amass in between hitting the ground again!) - think HUGE multipliers... :smiley: :-

    Ps - I'll make a list of stuff I'm aware I have to do below, so people don't have to waste time suggesting stuff you've already mentioned, or that I still have to put in! :wink:

    Things like:-

    1. The wheels on the truck moving as it backs up!
    2. The Ability to Gust and Slap in the opposite direction by holding down for a touch longer!
    3. The truck sample shortening, so I can make it quieter as the parcel/camera moves away
    4. Better gfx for sizzled birds, etc, compared to my placeholders!
    5. Some cool funky music I've already added to the game!
    6. Tidy up the menu system, and re-jig the chosen goodies list to not be active unless on goodies screen - just neater.
    7. Lots more bits 'n' bobs to whack!
    8. Some persistent overlaid damage to the house/car/etc - why not!
    9. Chairs, clock, etc in house having custom colliders, more targets! :smile: 8.
    10. Speed up gameplay a bit...
    11. Cartoon fights for bird+cat, cat+dog, etc...
    12. WHACK! cartoon impact gfx for stuff that's hit.
    13. More combo's of stuff to hit together etc...
    14. The Challenges! - Not yet implemented these - in the interests of replayability, they'll ONLY count for the chosen challenge - There'll be no beating any other one if you chose a different Challenge for the current game/session!
    15. Online leaderboards!
    16. Different shaped/weighted parcels.
    17. Better and more backgrounds!
    18. Airborne Targets! - UFO's, flying birds, Bats (higher up, night-time-ish), etc.... :smile:
  • JapsterJapster Posts: 643Member, PRO

    PS - after literally losing money in terms of hardly any sales / downloads of my previous releases, I'm seriously considering seeing if Noodlecake etc might help publish it, in terms of marketing - I'm guessing if people have used them or similar services before, and it went wrong (or even RIGHT), they seem coy to admit it?

    I'm literally just trying to find out if ANYONE has had a GREAT, or AWFUL, experience with them (or others!), and if Noodlecake even entertain GS apps?

    Cheers guys!

  • JapsterJapster Posts: 643Member, PRO

    Well, finally able to pre-release this bad boy! - Looks a lot better now, and has funky music (2 tracks), loads more features, more parallax levels, tricks, etc!

    Had to undergo a name change, as (whoops!) a courier company already exists with the name I had in mind... :frowning:

    If you fancy registering for pre-order and have it automatically be downloaded upon release, or just having a look, it's COMPLETELY FREE, and is due for release once I polish it up a bit, on 1st June, if not earlier!:-

    Android version to follow very shortly - and NO nags, banner ads, interstitials in your face, etc - just an occasional reward ad to earn 'Courier Credits' whenever you're low on them, and YOU press the reward button! (I may add an in-expensive one-time IAP to completely remove these, if requested by users)

    Thanks all, I'm pumped for this! - had a lot of fun (and a lot of bloody hard work!) creating this, so would be very interested in hearing what you guys think, cheers!

  • mikejamesfishermikejamesfisher Posts: 48Member, BASIC

    Preordered and excited! Congrats!

  • JapsterJapster Posts: 643Member, PRO
    edited May 12

    Thanks @mikejamesfisher ! - Won't be long! - Just tidying up some gfx, and adding attribution for the music etc I'm using, plus one last all-out test!

    All the best!

    PS - Call me OCD, but even my house clock shows the actual correct time when playing... :smiley: Well, at least until you hoof a burning parcel, cat, gnome, etc into it! :wink:

  • ToqueToque Posts: 1,166Member

    Good to see!! Finally eh? Fireworks explode here.

  • JapsterJapster Posts: 643Member, PRO

    @Toque said:
    Good to see!! Finally eh? Fireworks explode here.

    Cheers matey! - Yep, home straight! - I still have to make my wheels turn though! :wink:

    Saving that one 'til after the current outstanding stuff, as it's easier than the current work I have to do, to add Challenges logic etc!

  • JapsterJapster Posts: 643Member, PRO
    edited June 5

    Okay guys! - Courier Chaos is now initially RELEASED and live on the App Store, thanks to @adent42 's hard work... :smile:

    App Store link:-

    ...and a little example gameplay video here:-

    Would be interested in hearing what you guys think! - 180+ challenges coming soon, for doing quirky stuff (Hitting 5 birds with your first shot, WITHOUT touching the ground, Getting a height of 100 ft in 1-Shot mode, etc, etc)

    Android release in a very short time, as soon as I can sign flipping APK's on my system again... suspecting ZipAlign, but 'No Error Returned' or similar doesn't help... ...Working on it as we speak!

    ...and EDIT - @Toque ? - The wheels now turn properly matey! good call!... :smiley: :wink:

  • ZwireZwire Posts: 165Member, BASIC

    Nice one Japster. Good looking graphics with old school sound effects. Well done.

    So the android touch bug is fixed also?

  • JapsterJapster Posts: 643Member, PRO
    edited June 6

    @Zwire said:
    Nice one Japster. Good looking graphics with old school sound effects. Well done.

    So the android touch bug is fixed also?

    Yep! - Thanks for the kind words @Zwire ! - Tried it on my S7 Edge mate, works fine, BUT, MAN! the Android builds run slower, as another user mentioned a while ago - it's virtually unreleasable in it's current chuggy, REALLY jerky state... :frowning:

    Yours will be fine I guess, just that I'm pushing a LOT of stuff 'n' logic around.... :frowning:

    Shame though, not a great take up on trying it out yet, but still... early days I guess....

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