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Android Screen rotating game for NO reason

loganjan22loganjan22 Posts: 41Member, PRO

I don't know if there is a forum on this already but is there anybody who is having the screen rotate and totally ruin the game experience. In my case, it happens when I change a scene and also when I use the reward video. This is only happening on Android but is still a MAJOR problem. Anyone have any idea how to fix this. Feedback is greatly appreciated.


  • izamizam Posts: 484Member, PRO

    This feature of Gamesalad rotating the screen on android has been known for years already. It won't ever go away. This will most likely happen if you made your scene size greater than the set dimensions of the devices. For example, you started off your project using 1920 x 1080 dimension, and then you increase the size of the scene.

    Your game when published will only display the contents that are within 1920 x 1080. Other game elements outside of this boundary will not display. This is useful to hide any game objects from the players.

    However when you publish to android, this rotating and display offset "feature" in Gamesalad will automatically start. To know what I mean, try this:

    Play your game, and then press the android on/off button. After a few seconds turn it back on. Try it a few times....and....TA-DA! Your screen will offset by an arbitrary figure on the x and y axis. displaying the parts of your game scene outside of the 1920 x 1080 boundary.

    I have tried circumventing this "feature" by way of scripting. It works some times but I have since gave up. You could try, but the "feature" is here to stay.

  • loganjan22loganjan22 Posts: 41Member, PRO

    Thanks so much for informing me @izam I really appreciate it:)

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