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Ad Consent Needed?

Hello, it seems like a lot of the top free apps on the App Store do not contain a consent message for ads? Do any of your know why this may be and how they are allowed to do this? Is it due to certain ad provider guidelines? I thought it had to do with ad guidelines in general on the App Store.


  • loganjan22loganjan22 Posts: 41Member, PRO

    Also, is the ad consent attribute different for Admob than it is for Chartboost?

  • ArmellineArmelline Posts: 4,724Member, PRO

    Legally, they're required to provide the consent message to all downloaders in the EU. If you're in America, it might be that they're detecting your region and opting not to show you the ad consent. This is easily done.

    However, companies are starting to realise that the GDPR regulations have no teeth. They're constantly flouted by major corporations and nothing is being done to punish them. So smaller companies and developers are taking an attitude of "I'm too small a fish for them to bother with" and ignoring the regulations.

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