App Binary RC 1.25.20200521 Released

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To get these benefits use "Build RC". It doesn't matter which version of GameSalad you publish with as long as it's a version 1.25.x. The goal of this RC line is to upgrade Android to Target API 29 (with a minimum of 21) and to upgrade Ad network libraries.

For people used to the old RC thread, I will be repeating features that are not present in the regular "Generate" build, so you know in total what you are getting with this RC. New fixes since the last RC will be in bold.


  • Target API 29
  • Min API 21
  • IronSrc 6.16.1 and all mediated networks.
  • IronSrc: Fixed issue with Vungle SDKs being missing from the build.
  • Admob 19.1.0
  • Chartboost 8.0.2 - Fixed issue where Chartboost was not able to pull ads.
  • Updated Freestick to 0.3.2 allowing for more controller support.
  • Removed loading of TIFF, EXR, and RAW images from freeimage.
  • Consolidated XML parsing to libxml2 (changing the table loader from expat).


  • IronSrc now includes all mediated networks.
  • IronSrc will temporarily not include AppLovin, HyperMX, and Maio networks until they are verified to have no references to UIWebView. This means you should be able to publish with IronSrc enabled. We may need to further adjust the integration of InMobi should UIWebView rejections still be a problem.
  • Publishing with IronSrc disabled will now exclude IronSrc libraries, making the binary smaller.
  • Fixed Admob Initialization Issue, Admob should work now.

Misc. Music and sound issues on Android have been addressed. This was a deployment and not a build issue, so not part of the official notes.


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