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Adding a space in an expression (i.e. Display Text)

xarmianxarmian Posts: 124Member
Is there any escape sequence or other way to add a space into an expression for a display text? I'm trying to do something like:

"This is your score: "

But you can't put a space in an expression, and that's the only way to add the variable. I could use two actors, but then spacing will be skewed and it should be unnecessary. I'm wondering if there's a \<char> sequence like \t that will let you do spaces. \t would almost work, but it's too many spaces.

This seems like a bad limitation of the expression editor...


  • xarmianxarmian Posts: 124Member
    I found a painful workaround - exit GameSalad, find the XML file that describes the actor with the display text behavior, and add the spaces by hand. Reopen gamesalad and the spaces are there. Don't click on it though or the expression editor will open and will remove the spaces.
  • xarmianxarmian Posts: 124Member
    Wow I never would have thought to try that.. Thanks scitunes.
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