Problem with iPhone Button Using Touch Pressed & Released Events

AndrewDKAndrewDK Member Posts: 7
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Hey, so I have my Left & Right buttons as Actors on the Scene, I'm using a couple rules to check Press & Release which then just using an Integer from 0,1,2 as in Stoped, Moving Left & Moving Right.

My problem is when you press down and release outside of the button it stays on.

I had this same problem working in Xcode. I can get it to work by simple placing another rule checking if its been released outside.

That however interferes with my Jump Rule, it simply stops it from moving when jumping. It would stop movement then jump.

Is there anything I can do to fix this, or would I need to make a ton of rules to check various things.



  • gazjmgazjm Member Posts: 578
    Try using the if touch is inside rule set it to 1, otherwise set to 0.

    Don't use if outside in the 0 rule though.
  • AndrewDKAndrewDK Member Posts: 7
    Perfect that seemed to do the trick. Otherwise works a lot better than checking both.
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