Game Salad keeps crashing and not working

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Hello gamesalad keeps crashing and so whatever work i do i loose after the save. When I reopen gamesalad and open my project when i click on certain actors the area at the bottom where behaviors/images/... disappears. How do i keep this from happening? Is it my macbooks processor or is it something with gamesalad?


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    GameSalad has some known memory issues. You need to make sure you save and restart GameSalad often. How often depends on your computer could be 5 min could be 20 you will have to choose the time frame for your self.

    Also make sure when you restart GameSalad you close it fully either by clicking quit GameSalad from the menu bar at the top or right clicking on the icon in the dock and closing from there.
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    I have done that and yes it reopens,but im am also having issues with getting the behavior area to display when i click certain actors. how do i get that fixed?
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    Oh that is usually caused when you have some conflicting rules/attributes/actors etc and it is jamming everything up. I have seen that and if I go to a previous save I can usually find where I have missed something and fix it.
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    have reverted back twice and it has not worked.
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