jump problem( jump while moving)

seanqiuseanqiu Member Posts: 15
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can player keep same running speed after jump?

here is what i did

change attribute (self motion linear velocity.x) to (self motion linear velocity.x+100)

every 2 secs
add more speed

i dont know how to set up jumping part
i used (self motion linear velocity.y )
but after player jump, the speed is changed already

is there any solution?
thx guys


  • calvin9403calvin9403 Member Posts: 3,186
    check the basic platformer
  • seanqiuseanqiu Member Posts: 15
  • seanqiuseanqiu Member Posts: 15
    dont understand
    could you give me more advices?
    much appreciated
  • calvin9403calvin9403 Member Posts: 3,186
    how about making an attribute that saves your speed
  • seanqiuseanqiu Member Posts: 15
    an attribute that saves your speed
    tried already, seems too complex too this kind game play
    still not solved


    we r making this kind game "dash dash pengy"
    who has good idea? we can pay for that

    1 we tried to let background move, but can't solve spawner overlapping problem
    http://gamesalad.com/forums/topic.php?id=16616 question is here
    2 we tried to let character move, can't solve jumping speed problem when character moving

    :) thanks guys
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