Loading Time in GS Viewer and project size.

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Hi all,

I've download GS Creator to perform an evaluation against Corona in order to make a choice for a project I have to perform in next days.
GS Creator look good and I like the very intuitive GUI. I'm very close to purchase a PRO license.
I have done a test project with 6 scenes and 2 actors, each scene has a jpg background image of max 45Kb. the actors are 2 png arrows of 4Kb each.
All the test project size is 15,5 Mb!!!
Now I'm experiencing a very bad feel, each time I try to publish the test project to my iPad using GSViewer, GS Creator take a very long time to compress and prepare the file for publishing. But the bad thing is that the loading of the file to iPad take a very very long time, GSViewer has an timeout error and the progress bar never reach the end. So...are about 2 days that I'm trying to publish the test project on my iPad without success!!!
Note: with the demo projects like Alien Conqueror, Cannon Physics, Table Tennis and other, every work fine!
There is a way to workaround this situation? I've already read about this issue in this forum, but no answer found!!
Thanks in advance for any suggestions.....


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