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I've had problems with gamesalad. He slows down when I'm using, and sometimes reaches freeze. I've uninstalled and installed again but the problem continues. Anyone ever been in the same situation? What can I do to solve?


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    Hi Add, which OSX and which version of GS are you using?

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    same problem starting with me I am using the latest version and its crashes so many times.
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    go to activity moniter if GS is using more then 1G of ram, quit it.

    I restart GS every 10 min
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    Hello, guys. Thanks for the feedback. I'm using Mac OSX 10.6.6 and GS 0.9.0 beta free. I noticed that saving the file to any change that does not do the GS is so slow. Is there any detail about this?
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    Anybody help?
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    I say restart GS
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    not save file
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