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Any artist interested on partnering up on an awesome canabalt style game?

diegocsdiegocs Posts: 531Member
i want to make a very nice game with a canabalt appeal to it, but i lack artistic skills, so any artist wanting to partner ups and split any earning share please send me an email to [email protected], please only send an email if you have really nice or a unique artistic skills!

Also art styles like the one found in tiny wings, feed me oil, or any other would be preferred since they are very eye-catching!

I can only afford a earning share, no upfront cash, so thats clear.

also if you know someone that could be interested please recommend me him/her.


  • hman360hman360 Posts: 590Member
  • diegocsdiegocs Posts: 531Member
    uptimistik said:
    Hmm... the interesting thing about this offer is that the endless runner genre is completely overdone in the App Store...

    And the template provided here makes development a cinch. So if you are interested in doing a profit sharing, prepare to give over most of the profits to the artist to make the game look unique...

    Yeah i am thinking on using the basis of a side runner but expanding a lot on that, so i may have the basic part already done for me, but i still have to add some original elements to the gameplay. So the artist wont be doing most of the work as you are suggesting. I'm actually thinking on mixing the line runner concept with the side runnerconcept and sole other elements into the scene

  • DreamStudiosDreamStudios Posts: 148Removed
    you need another artist?
  • diegocsdiegocs Posts: 531Member
    Not for now i already got one sorry maybe next time
    IconBasic said:
    you need another artist?

  • DreamStudiosDreamStudios Posts: 148Removed
    That's fine I appreciate your time.
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