Game Center Bug that still need a fix

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I reported this to GS a while ago but never got an answer, it was reported by other users also:

"In one of my games I have a button that open the GC leaderboard. With the previous builds it opened on the main leaderboard and if I wanted to see the other leaderboards for that game I just had to press the "Leaderboards" arrow button on the top left of the GC window to see them.

Now with 0.9.6 I updated the game but while testing I noticed that the "Leaderboards" arrow button is no more. I did another build with another game and the same thing happened.

Also the "Show GC Leaderboards" it's still very buggy because it get unresponsive often, preventing the user to access the leaderboards."

This was a bug that got through in 0.9.6 and it is still live in 0.9.71. Do any of the sous chefs have some more info on that?

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