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0.9.80 bug with mouse button release misfiring within a rule

GuardianGuardian Posts: 54Member
edited November -1 in Tech Support
So when I have a rule that is triggered when an attribute is true and within that I have a rule that is triggered when the mouse button is released.

What seems to happen is when the attribute is true the mouse button released is also triggered.

Can someone else verify this as an issue? ( I am very new)


  • POMPOM Posts: 2,599Member
    LaurenSalad said:
    Thank you for all your valuable feedback regarding 0.9.8 Beta.

    We have investigated all the issues that you have reported via the contact form and we are pleased to announce that a patch is in the works and will be ready for download soon.

    This patch will address many of the bugs that you have reported. the otherwise bug not functioning on mouse up/down.

    LaurenSalad said they taking care of it in the patch

  • GuardianGuardian Posts: 54Member
    Hi P-O-M,

    I don't think this is the issue.

    The problem I am essentially having in psudo code is;

    IF (attribute EQUALS true) AND (mouse released EQUALS true) THEN something.

    Is the same as;

    IF (attribute EQUALS true)THEN something.

    The quoted stament above suggests the following;

    IF (attribute EQUALS true) THEN something.
    ELSEIF (mouse released EQUALS true) THEN something.

    Is the same as;

    IF (attribute EQUALS true) THEN something.
  • GuardianGuardian Posts: 54Member
    Just to note it may be the same issue at source but I just wanted to make sure that the logged issue doesn't just isolate it to the otherwise rule.
  • POMPOM Posts: 2,599Member
    I think i understand what you mean ,
    i complained about this issue a while ago , my complaining was with touch is released ,
    You can check it here -
    if an actor had a rule , and inside it another rule - touch is released , every time the first rule triggered the touch released also triggered , even if you did not press the actor .

    To overcome this , i made in my actor a self attribute - boolean - "I'm being pressed"
    Then i have a rule , when touch is pressed change "I'm being pressed" to true
    Timer - after 0.2 sec (RTC) - change "I'm being pressed" to false .

    now in my problematic touch is released rule , i inserted it to a new rule saying
    when "I'm being pressed" is true
    When touch is released -
    Do bla bla bla

    That fixed the issue for me i hope you can do something out of it as well .
    Play with some booleans to turn events on and off .

    To be honest , I'm not sure if this is a bug or this is what suppose to happen , even in code .

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