Trying a new approach to funding a project... crowdfunding...

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Hey guys..

I thought I'd share a new idea I'm trying to raise some funds for game development, for my project 'Audio Invaders'

What is Crowd Funding?
I'm always seeing mentions of the U.S. website on tech websites where the average joe can pledge money to all sorts of projects in return for some sort of credit, signed photo, or early order option... some cool WifiUsb Apple thing on there at the moment.

You set a target for what you want to raise, people pledge to give you some money towards your goal. You only get the money if the target is reached.

The project has to be approved by the site before it goes 100% public.

I'm in the UK and came across a number of similar sites, seemed to be the biggest over here.

I've gone through their steps, set my target for funding and am offering the chance of credits, and early beta test options.

Whether it will work I'm not sure, but figure its got to be worth a god.
Why do I need (would I like) funding...
To pay for my Pro licence (which soon expires), keep my hardware alive (my macbook is now 5 years old), buy some music track and sound effect licences and the option of spending on game marketing. Just the act of running the crowd funding project will hopeful create some buzz around my upcoming game... even without achieving the funding target.

Anyway... please go check out my page... not expecting you to pledge (though feel free to).... :-)

Now, what do you guys think...worth a shot?

Why not check out similar sites for your neck of the woods..


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