Australian Banking and receiving funds from Apple,If your not with NAB you pay more

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Hi all

This is mainly for Australian devs however you may want to look into you own country and see who Apple use as a routing bank.

When receiving you payments from Apple you may have noticed that you get less than what they say they paid you. An example would be 15th March Apple pays you $335 but you only get $300 into your bank.

If you are not with NAB Bank you may want to get a free account with them as Apple use NAB as a routing Bank to pay all Australian Devs, If you are with any other bank you will pay between $15 - $35 to receive your payment but if you have an account with NAB you will only pay $6 - $15Max to receive your payment.

Payment from Apple $335

NAB Account you would receive approx $329

Any other bank you may only receive $300

This is just from my experience and by the way I do not work for NAB,lol


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    Thanks for the heads up.
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    Apple sends payments to everyone on the same day. If it takes longer for someone to get it, thats there bank. And next payday is April 5th

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    The fiscal calender displays the days in each monthly pay period, not the day of payment. The day of the next payment is under the payment and finacial reports section.
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    At the top right in the payments and amounts owed box. If you didnt make enough to get a payment i dont think it says it though.
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    ahh, thanks for the heads up, I wish apple would've this more clear to everyone
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