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Greetings GS!

So I've hit another roadblock and was wondering if you'd be kind enough to help me. For the sake of efficiency, I've tried to surmise my question. So:

I have added a Total Score counter to my game.

It adds '1 point' to the total score when a 'Specific Actor' is destroyed on touch. Fine so far.

However, I would like it so that at a random time in the game, that 'Specific Actor' no longer yields a point on touch, but instead negatives a life. Now another 'Actor' is the target which on touch yields a point and does not remove a life. This would be a cyclical process until the player was out of lives.

Any suggestions?




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    Thanks for the reply.

    Each actor is on screen for less than 1 second. I was thinking more along the lines of between 8-15 seconds you need to change colour target and it would indicate in the bottom left corner what colour you need to go for (Which is randomly drawn).

    Your suggestion would mean you'd have .4 of a second to press the coloured cube to gain a point. The cubes (actors) fall very quickly.

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    here is a demo for you

    You went through all that trouble for me?

    Why thank you kindly sir *tips hat off to you*

    I'll investigate it more thoroughly tomorrow, but it looks good and hopeful.

    Thanks Tshirtbooth :)


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