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poorcollegedevpoorcollegedev Member Posts: 289
Today, I got a private message in TouchArcade from a rep from Great Play Network. Apparently, they publish apps and stuff like that. Anyone heard of them? Are they legit because I might look into it?

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  • EatingMyHatEatingMyHat Posts: 1,246
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    There are many ways to check if they are legit.
    1. Go to their website, is the content current? how much history do they have?
    2. Are they on twitter or Facebook? how many fans/followers? any real activity?
    3. Alexa rating?
    4. Google search
    5. Generic email (gmail) or real domain

    If your risk is a single promo code, no big deal - but if they are asking for your app, spend some more time checking. In concept, they can invest $0.99 and get the same thing, but it is a strange ask.

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  • poorcollegedevpoorcollegedev Member Posts: 289
  • poorcollegedevpoorcollegedev Member Posts: 289
    Tried Googling them and couldnt find anything
  • bazookaBenbazookaBen Member Posts: 318
    there're tons of no-name entitiies who seek promo codes in exchange for reviews.

    i've a feeling that they exist solely to get hold of your games for free. they might reverse engineer it for other needs, which is beyond my imagination.
  • poorcollegedevpoorcollegedev Member Posts: 289
    Thanks everyone for your input. I found a website and found some of their apps on the store but Ive never heard of any of them and they have 20 people following them on FB. Since it is my first app, I want to experience the excitement on my own instead if having someone else publish it! If ya know what I mean!!!
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