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Help with Application Loader

NmdogdudeNmdogdude Posts: 174Member
edited April 2012 in Tech Support
When trying to publish my .zip file through the Application loader, I get the following errors:
1)Unable to creat configuration directory: /Users/macbookprowner/ .itmstransporter
2)Your home folder must be writable in order to save run-time configuration data. Please ensure your home folder exists and is writable. (I have 3-4 folders labeled 'home' and they're all writable)
3)Cannot save local cooy of remote diagnostic configuration; local path not writable. How can I make my path writable?


  • youngster9youngster9 Posts: 326Member
    edited April 2012
    I never get this problem, but unless anyone else can give you any bright ideas, I would just re download the SDK and reinstall everything. That probably is a big pain but maybe just flick on a movie to get through the wait. Try google or probably a sous has a better idea.
  • NmdogdudeNmdogdude Posts: 174Member
    Ok, I'll try that, the SDK is through Xcode correct?
  • youngster9youngster9 Posts: 326Member
    off of apple developer site in the ios center
  • NmdogdudeNmdogdude Posts: 174Member
    So, I should delete Xcode, and then re-install it to fix this problem?
  • The_Gamesalad_GuruThe_Gamesalad_Guru Posts: 9,913Member
    Xcode needs to be at the hard drive level and not in your home folder
  • NmdogdudeNmdogdude Posts: 174Member
    I re-installed Xcode to the harddrive, and I'm still getting those errors.
  • NmdogdudeNmdogdude Posts: 174Member
    I'm using iOS SDK 2.5.1, how can I upgrade it? I know other people are having issues with it as well.
  • NmdogdudeNmdogdude Posts: 174Member
    Anyone else having these issues?
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