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ILLEGAL GAMES again Minecraft

alek1805alek1805 Member, PRO Posts: 57
edited May 2012 in Miscellaneous
Today i discover again Illegal games on the Appstore from Tiny Players

PLEASE Report him to Apple As soon as possible

He have Eclipsecraft on Ipad and Iphone


  • GraphicWarehouseGraphicWarehouse Member Posts: 927
    why dont you report him
  • alek1805alek1805 Member, PRO Posts: 57
    i have no time at this moment, because im at work
  • RubiyoooRubiyooo Member Posts: 163
    The problem it´s apple filter ¬¬
  • IsabelleKIsabelleK Member, Sous Chef Posts: 2,807
    The problem it´s apple filter ¬¬
    No, the problem are unfair, cheap "developers" who want to make a quick buck.
  • GLGAMESGLGAMES SingaporeMember Posts: 988
    edited May 2012
    just one question, how can those game be recreated exactly like the original in mobile formats? PP are just too easily duped :P
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