Looking for REALLY experienced GameSalad programmer!

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Hi everyone!

What the Job Is
I am making a new organizer type app for the iPad and Mac. This is a very complicated project and may take a little bit of time. I need somebody to help make the game with me because, I am not a pro, and as I said it is complicated. So I am looking for somebody very talented. I will tell you all the info on the app, if we decide to work together but do not want to just throw my idea out on the forums. As I stated above, we will be working together! I am not asking you to make it all for me!

About Me
I am the head of BarUpGames. We make games and apps as a company and upload them to the app stores. But this job is not for the company. This app will be just me and you. We will work together in making a wonderful app. I started out learning to code in Gamesalad. I do know how to code in Corona, but I still like GS better. This project will be fully made in Gamesalad. The reason I wanted to make this app is because I have always wanted a software like my idea. I know making this app will help me organize all of my employees and there work.

  • Highly Experienced GameSalad programmer
  • Availability To Work Almost Every Week Night At Around 9:00-10:20
  • Fast Response Time
  • Good Attitude
  • Flexible Schedule
  • My time zone is North American Eastern Time Zone so I am saying 9:00-10:20 my time

That's it!

Contact me if your interested on the forums below or by email at barupgames@gmail.com

PS: We can figure out pay after contact.


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