CSV data import problem with cyrillic.

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i have a little issue with tables. I have a csv table with cyrillic data in it. I am trying to make a word game with bulgarian words. But when i try to import the data some of the cells disappear and some of them misplace. When I import data with english words there is no problem. Is there a known bug or the problem is in my computer. I hope I was clear and sorry for my english.

Thank you!


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    I think that GS can't import "strange letters", like yours in cyrillic, or mine in polish.
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    Thank you very much for the fast answer. It's very disappointing, but now I think how can I make it work - I can give every letter in bulgarian its phonetic equal in latin and with a rule check what the cell contains and change the image of the actor to the bulgarian letter. (I can do this because every word is on new row and every column contains one letter of the word ;)

    Any ideas on this are welcome. Thank you in advance.
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    I think that you have a pretty solid idea, how to solve this!
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    If you can get that working I suggest you put it out as a template.
    I don't know how many people have a language Cyrillic characters here on game salad but it might be a great opportunity.

    @themoonwalls sorry if I am wrong but doesn't Polish use Cyrillic symbols?
    Just curious. I have made polish manuals as a desktop publisher and we always called the font a Cyrillic font. Did we use the wrong term?
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    @LudwigHeijden nope, we don't use Cyrillic. We have normal letters, but with few "special" letters - similar to German or French letters. Don't know if you can see them, but here they are: ę ó ą ś ł ź ż ć ń
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    It was the horror for a Dutch Desk Top Publisher in the 90's. Haha!
    Not all font families had them an it was a hell to make these characters in the text. (I often used illustrations that I pasted into the text).
    Thanks for the info. I know a little bit more about the polish language now. ;)
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    are you using a Cyrillic keyboard for input in the csv file?

    try using the US keyboard with Edit > Special Characters
    most of the Cyrillic keyboard chars are in available in the Latin or Greek collection

    as constantly clicking through to those characters can get annoying …
    Open  System Preferences > Language & Text > Input Sources
    … and √ (turn on) the box next to Keyboard & Character Viewer
    (also √ the keyboards you may want to use)
    this places a nice countryFlag icon in your menuBar
    when you click it … you can select a language/mini Keyboard and/or the Character Viewer
    then have that opened/minimized for when you need it

    of course, most all those accented/esoteric letters have keyboard shortcuts
    [option]+[U] … then the letter … for umlauts (diaeresis): ä
    [option]+[E] … then the letter … for acute: é

    any csvFile that I have with accented letters … imports well into GS
    of course lua accepts accented letters (Roberto Ierusalimschy is Brazilian)
    and, Apple OSes work well with accented letters
    but, alas, I haven't tested a GS project on the devices …

    little tip: on your iOS devices: holding down a keyboard letter will show all the various accents marks available with that letter … just drag your finger to the one you want … then release

    @dj2616 … think you are doing something so special! …
    English speaking people say "Learn English"
    but what can one say when greeting someone they use a reference to Hell is low
    or God bye for when parting!
    give me: ciao or shalom or aloha!

    image MH
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